Mobile Repeater Australias Testimonials

Mobile Repeater Australia Testimonials

I have a Mobile Signal in my home again!!!!! Wow, guys really amazing and thanks for the advice - nice to be able to call and get some straight talking help. So enjoy your break and Tony thank you again.

Dave, December 29th 2015 

Thanks for all your help Mobile Repeater - really appreciated you taking my call yesterday and wishing you a Happy 2016!

Marc, December 28th 2015

Signal Booster you are the bomb! All up and running and Vodafone working everywhere in my little;e basement - Best Christmas Present ever. Enjoy and thanks for getting it here so fast, really appreciated you doing that.

Mary, December 22nd 2015


Arrived on time many thanks - Can you send me the same again for the home, will it work for me its a little bigger but better outside receptions. Again really appreciate all you do for me here. Know I was a nightmare!!

Mark Little, Sept 22nd 2015


Appreciate all your expertise as you promised everyone here has 5 bars again!!!!! WOW If your ever about call around I owe you one!

Frank Daly, September 12th 2015

Tony, Your a legend!!! Fantastic and genuinely appreciate the time you made to talk me through it all!! Hope your boss knows what he has got in you! From me Mary and the kids, Thanks a mil.

John Kelly, NSW 8th August 2015

We received the 3G repeater and I have installed it in the house. It's wonderful! I just had a 30 min Skype call with my son in England with full video stream uninterrupted. Fantastic! I just had to email you. Thanks so much for all your help and support you have truly made a difference to our lives.

Mrs. Mary Hynes 7th August

Tony, You were right it did work - Mobile signal now up and running all over the house and want to say thanks for talking the time to talk me through what to do. 

Dave Hayes, Adelaide, August 4th

Thank you Tony - WOW This is amazing,  I am able to call from my study for the first time ever!!! I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thanks again for all the advice and sorry I took so long to decide!

Paul Daniels - July 22nd 2015

To Fabian and the team just wanted to say thanks a million for the support, I knew I must have been doing something wrong when it did not work, appreciate the advice and your patience. It is great here now, calling everyone from my chair!!

Leo Brown, Sydney July 16th 2015

I am very happy with the service I received from Mobile Repeater. I had problems with my modem at one of my shops where the signal in the area was not sufficient. I phoned Mobile Repeater to help me out with a signal booster and received grate service straight away. My shop is now up and running with no signal problems at all, I would refer Mobile Repeater to anyone I know or needs help with any kind of issue. Thank you Mobile Repeater for your courtesy and grate service. 

Chantal, S - May 2015

I have tested the unit and it works great - totally exceeded my expectations. 

Paul, May 2015

We ordered a Dual Band PRO online after speaking with Fabian the sales agent. Delivery took 4 days to our door step. We run a small business from this property and were able to install the kit ourselves in about an hour. Before installing the kit we were lucky to get 2 bars in the corner of the room near the window and now we get 5 bars

James - March, 2015

Thanks for your help! We installed the kit in our home over the weekend and are amazed at the results! My wife and kids can use their mobiles inside the house now. I use a 3G dongle for work and have excellent signal and data speeds. We tried the Vodafone SureSignal which we returned and bought this instead, thank goodness!

Bryant - November, 2014

Many thanks to the Mobile Repeater team for helping us get signal at our house. We live far out in the sticks and barely get a bar! We bought the MR Yagi aerial upgrade due to the low signal and can now be contacted via mobiles at home.

Trent - October 2014

We are pleased to tell you that the whole factory now receives a strong signal. The MD was skeptical at first but is thrilled now that he's getting 4G in his office.

Jody - October, 2014

Thank you for the manual, I am now able to use my mobile in my home for the first time in 6 years.
Thank you again,

Sheila Holmes - August, 2014

Hi Sean my new power kit arrived all on five sticks thank you so mutch for sorting things out five stars for you alltho i live in a very beutifull place once your repeater goes off the signal is very intermitant happy again it even works in the garden thaks for your trouble and Best Regards For The new Year I regularly attend the local and influential business group networking events and it has been a pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to these groups on what is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment industry in this area - Long may you continue to set standards for others to follow.

Tom - July, 2014

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

Arthur - July, 2014

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