Vodafone Signal Booster Range

Voice and 4G LTE Vodafone SignalBooster

Tested on the Vodafone Network, choose a Mobile Repeaters for Voice, 3G UMTS or 4G LTE. Works with all Vodafone handsets in both New Zealand and Australia. -Note as Vodafone shares networks with Yes Optus if stated it will also work with those multiple networks in addition.

Why we get poor signal?

Vodafone Signal Booster

The networks signal spreads throughout the countryside but sometimes the Vodafone signal does not make it into our homes and offices. This is not necessarily always Vodafones' fault and sometimes it is due to a well built home conserving energy or a floor in your building below ground level. Thats uses good insulation and foil back materials to ensure heat conservation, unfortunately it can also block the Vodafone signal. Luckily now you can fix that with a Signal Repeater to easily improve your indoor signal instantly.

How's a Vodafone SignalBooster work?

Vodafone 3G, 4G or Voice Boosters are available with everything you need to get going. Your aerial communicates with the Vodafone Base station and the Vodafone Signal Booster / Repeater then sends that Vodafone signal into your home, office or Building.

We do more than Vodafone Signal boosters!

We also have Repeaters that can act as a Signal Enhancer for Multiple networks . Most of these Vodafone Signal Booster also work as a Repeater for Optus. Our most popular Vodafone Boosters are  below. If you want to see our bestselling Telstra Home and office boosters click here

We do more with Vodafone Signal boosters!

 There are some networks that are mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), it means that they rent infraestructure from a mobile network operator and run on the same frequencies that their MVNO, in this case Vodafone acts as a parent network of AAPT, Global Gossip, Gotalk, Lebara and SimTel UTMS among others, that’s the reason why each Vodafone Signal Booster from our collection amplify all these networks perfectly.

Now you know it, if you are Vodafone re-seller’s user, take a look at the products that boost Vodafone Signal, cause they will suit with your needs and boost your cellular voice and internet reception wherever you need, boost your communications and say goodbye to poor signal!

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