Mobile Signal Boosters > 2,500 sq ft

Vodafone, Telstra, Yes Optus and Multiple Signal Booster for areas up to 2,500 sq feet.

4G, 3G & GSM Signal Booster for offices & large homes.

Choose from any of the mobile repeaters below for a ideal solution for your office. Simple installation and multiple network solutions are ideal where more then one network is used.

To install you simply place the aerial outdoors where you have signal and run the cable from there into the repeater and then switch on for full coverage everywhere on the network of your choice. Our staff are on hand for any questions before you buy or when your installing it.

Mobile Phone Repeater

The Pro Model boosters have extra power and capacity compared to the home mini repeater and are ideal for an office and have double the coverage area of the home mini models. The unit should be placed in a central area and will spread signal in 360 degree.. 

We also cover models like the Telstra Vehicle Boosters and and of course our Telstra bestseller which we usually have some amazing value deal on each one.

Why choose Mobile Repeater?

Every office repeater comes with free technical support and has been designed with ACMA and International best practices in mind to ensure this easy install solution is the best available in Australia. Coverage is based on outdoor signal of 5 bars reduce by 20% for every bar less outside your building and choose the best value mobile phone repeater to suit you below.

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5 items 

  • Signal Booster -850MHz - 500Sq Meter Simple Install

    • Suitable for: Telstra Voice | 3G
    • Coverage up to 500 sq m
    • Frequency 850 MHz
    • GSM Voice | 3G
    $595.00 $495.00
  • 4G Signal Booster - 1800MHz - 500 SQM - 50 Users

    • Suitable for: Telstra | Vodafone | Optus
    • Coverage up to 500 sq m
    • Frequency 1800MHz
    • 4G LTE 1800
  • 3G Signal Booster - 900/2100MHz - 500 SQM - 50 Users

    • Suitable for: Vodafone | Optus
    • Coverage up to 500 sq m
    • 900/2100MHz | GSM Voice | 3G Data
  • Signal Booster - 3G/4G - 500 SQM - Simple Install

    • All Voice & 3G Networks
    • Coverage up to 5000 sq ft
    • 55db Gain Control
    $1,295.00 $955.00
  • Signal Booster -850Mhz- 2500 SQM - Simple Install

    • Suitable for: Telstra Next G Service
    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • Simple Installation
    $1,395.00 $1,195.00