Mobile Repeaters Large Office

Recommended Signal Booster for large Indoor Areas especially for open plan areas -  

Recommend adding indoor antenna for multiple floors or areas not open plan for best results.

Powermax are designed with large open plan areas in mind, where internal walls and offices are separated a network of omni antennas is needed to ensure coverage to every office and ensure no more dropped calls or missed opportunities for your sales and management teams.building repeater systems for large buildings

These units are hugely powerful and we offer a full consultation service from design to estimation of costs and bill of quantities to implementation.

A huge selection of high quality Indoor home booster available for immediate delivery. We also have a full range of Telstra boosters or Larger Building boosters and options to boost all Australian Networks.


View our full range of  Vodafone/Optus together with The Bestselling Telstra Home Repeater  and Telstra Office Repeater are both on special offer right now.

We also have a full range vehicle signal boosters of Telstra boosters for home and small offices.

You have to have look at these top 5 factors when deciding on the mobile booster

a) Good signal somewhere (mainly high) a outdoor aerial can be placed

b) You cable from that to a amplifier - indoors/outdoors with metal casing. Can be for one indoor antenna or for 50 antennas depending on area to cover. 

c) Allow about 400m squared (20X20) of an open area covered per antenna and the more antennas the more powerful an amp you need.

d) The longer the cable to the antennas the greater the loss so keep this to a minimum where possible an don't go over 50m in one cable connected to an antenna, it wont work.

e) Once you know the outdoors signal, number of antenna and cable needed the customer care here can help with the size of amplifier repeater needed.

5 items 

  • PowerMAX GSM 1800 XT Mobile reception Booster

    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • All GSM 1800 Voice
    • Simple Installation
  • Signal Booster - Telstra - 2500 SQM - Simple Install

    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • Telstra Next G Service
    • Simple Installation
    $1,395.00 $1,195.00
  • 3G Signal Booster - 2100MHz - 2,500 SQM - 100 Users

    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • All 3G Networks
    • Simple Installation
    $1,495.00 $1,250.00
  • 4G Signal Booster - 1800MHz - 2,500 SQM -100 Users

    $1,499.95 $1,350.00
  • 3G Signal Booster - 2100MHz - 5,000 SQM - 200 Users

    • Coverage up to 2500 sq m
    • GSM Voice and 3G Data
    • Simple Installation