4G Signal Booster Range

4G signal booster range enjoyed by a business woman thanks to mobile repeater

Boosting 4G phone signal indoors

4G LTE Signal is easy improve. A 4G booster solves the problem of a slow upload and download speed.

This is caused by the distance from the local mobile base stations. It can also be because of foil back insulation in your building. Using a 4G Signal Booster allows you to capture even weak, outdoor network signal. It then boosts it to supply you with higher internet speeds. The only requirement is that you have some 4G signal outdoors. (For a 4G Booster you should be in a 4G enabled areas)

What can it do for me? 

4G signal improvement
  • Boost 4G Download Speeds
  • Boost 4G Coverage Indoors
  • IPad- Laptops - Smart Phones - Desktops
  • 4G boosters available for all Networks available.
  • Iphone 6 and Latest Smart Phones

Will a 4G booster work for me?

4G signal booster parabolic antenna For a 4G booster to work, all you need is some 4G mobile signal outside.  If you have a very poor mobile signal outside. Add a 25dB Parabolic Antenna, it’s an aerial that will pick up signal from up to 35 km away (MRE172) This ensures that you get the results that you would expect as if you had 4 Bars outside instead the you have!

What size 4G Repeater should I choose?

The coverage guide for a 4G repeater is based on 5 Bars signal outdoors and open plan. Reduce coverage by 15% for every bar under 5 you get outdoors.  4G LTE repeaters have a 15-day money back guarantee and with 7 years’ experience and over 120,000 customers! We can improve the signal for you. 
Our 4G repeaters are 1800Mhz and will work with All Networks!!
Buy your Data booster now or click here for Voice home boosters. We also have a full range of Larger Building boosters. You can also view our Telstra range of Mobile Repeater.

Our technical experts are also available for Corporate signal booster projects to give advice and design systems.You can see base station in your area using software open signal and ACMA has a large data base also.

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2 items 

  • Signal Booster - 3G/4G - 500 SQM - Simple Install

    • All Voice & 3G Networks
    • Coverage up to 5000 sq ft
    • 55db Gain Control
    $1,295.00 $955.00
  • Signal Booster - Vodafone/Optus - 4G - Easy Install